First, it was crosswords puzzles and coloring books. Then, it was brain teasers (those yellow puzzle thingies). Next, it was sudoku and origami. Now, I seem to have another obsession coming up. I seem to have the knack for finding useless things to do even though I’m very busy.

When I was sick and had to stay in bed for a few days, my mom gave me this book of doodle patterns and a box of Faber-Castell colored pencils. She knew that despite my mountain of books and tons of DVDs, I will be very bored. Maybe a change of things to do was needed and so I was given this.

What does it contain? It contains so many pages of patterns: swirly, cubist, flowery, etc. Some are repeating patterns while some seem random to me.

Basically, you just color each shape in the pattern with whatever color you like and create your own design. Most of the time, I don’t follow a particular color scheme. I just go crazy and randomly color until I get a finished product. It can be crazy, disappointing and interesting XD;.

…I think I need some more practice with using colored pencils, though XD. I’m not really a fan of them (I prefer crayons) but they’re easier to use in small shapes. Maybe I should buy a better/more brilliantly-colored set XD;.

You know this is going to be one of my long-term hobbies, since it’s one of the few things I can do even while watching TV.  The doodle pattern books can be bought in National Bookstore for less than a hundred pesos, I think. If you do not have anything valuable to do and would like to waste time OR if you want to relax and just sit back, watch TV and keep your hands busy, this is the thing for you <3.  A warning though, it can be addicting, especially when you used to have coloring books as anti-stress things :D.